Swimming for Dogs

There are many reasons you may need to swim your dogs - for rehabilitation following surgery, for management of arthritis in old age, for weight management or simply for their enjoyment.

Post and pre Surgery

There are many conditions that require surgery - hip dysplasia, detached cruciate ligaments, spinal problems to name a few. Following surgery uit is important to rebuild wasted muscle to protect the injury and to allow the dog to return to an active life. 

Hydrotherapy is ideal in these circumstances as it provides low impact exercise where the muscles can be worked in an environment where the injury is protected.

Where surgery is pre planned and not of an emergency nature it is often recomended to give the dog some hydrotherapy sessions so that they can a) get in peak condition for the surgery and b) so they can get used to the hydrotherapy itself.

Weight Management

According to research released in 2015 by the PDSA 4 out of 5 vets have seen an increase in pet obesity over the last 2 years and 80% of vets and vet nurses believe that within 5 years fat pets will outnumber healthy pets.

Pet obesity drasticly shortens the animals life span, Leads to a variety of health issues including heart problems, joint problems and diabetes and leads to a massive loss in the quality of life that your dog can enjoy.

Hydrotherapy provides a safe controlled exercise environment where your pet can start to burn off all those excess inches and where you the owner can learn all about diet management for your pet in a relaxed environment to help restore them to the peak of fitness.

Arthritis in old age

We all get creakier as we get older and mans best friend is no exception. Hydrotherapy can help offset the ravages of age in 2 ways. Firstly the heat - the water in our pool is kept at a steady 32°C, we have all experienced the relief of sinking into a hot bath when we feel tired and achy and secondly the exercise itself - with no impact on the joints the dog can start to rebuild muscles that have wasted away in old age to provide support to arthritic joints.