Farcroft Hydrotherapy Team

Lottie AKA Charlotte

Charlotte is a director of Farcroft Hyrdrotherapy & the lead hydrotherapist at Farcroft,  responsible for the day to day running of the business.

Charlotte is a Level 3 Diploma certified hydrotherapist and has been working for the last 9 years as the manager at one of the largest hydro centres in Essex.

Charlotte hopes to turn the hydrotherapy side of the business into a centre of excellence that will complement the high standards we seek to achieve with the kennels and cattery.


Geoff is a level 3 Diploma Certified hydrotherapist since 2013 but has now stepped back to spend more time on the kennels and cattery.


Bethany has just completed her level 2 Diploma in Animal care while working at Farcroft Kennels. She has now begun her training under Lottie to become a qualified hydrotherapist.