Full Groom

A consultation to discuss your dogs needs.

Brush out tangles and light matts,

A warm bath using appropriate professional products,

Towel dry,

Blow dry and brush,

Styled to your requirements either by clipping or scissoring.

Nails trimmed if necessary.

Ears cleaned and plucked if neccessary.

Sanitary areas cleaned.

A light mist of designer doggie fragrance

Mini Groom

Ideal for short coated breeds or as a maintainence in between full groom sessions for longer coated breeds.

Brush out.

Bath using appropriate professional grooming products,

Towel dry.

Blow dry.

Nails trimmed if necessary.

Feet trimmed,

A light mist of designer doggie fragrance.

Puppy Groom

It is important for your dog to experience grooming from a young age. The process of your puppy meeting the groomer and having a positive and trusting experience makes any future trips to the groomer a pleasant one. The meetings are done in stages the first few will be just getting your puppy used to being in the grooming parlour. Each time introducing something new


Things that might be included are:

Sitting them on the table.

Having their feet touched.

Turning the dryer on so they used to noises.