What is kennels cough

Kennel cough is caused by a combination of highly infectious viruses and bacteria that will spread rapidly in the air or by direct contact among a group of dogs in the right conditions. This is not limited to their stay in kennels it can also occur at doggie social events, training classes or just while out on a walk.

Because it is caused by  a combination of bacteria and viruses vaccination will not guarrantee prevention it can only lessen the chances.  It usually presents with a few days of being off colour, then a hacking cough that starts whenever the dog gets excited or exercises.

 The cough usually results in the production of white froth, or mucus, which some owners describe as retching. Generally healthy dogs are not too ill; they may have a mild temperature 103°F (normally 101-101.5°F) and may be a little off their food. The cough will get worse over the first few days then, if untreated, gradually resolve after three to four weeks. In very young or old dogs, or if there is concurrent disease, kennel cough may become more severe and lead to bronchopneumonia. This is very nasty and uncomfortable for the dog and in some cases may result in death.

Or to put it more simply it's doggy flu

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate that is the question?

This is probably the most frequently asked question we get - and the simple answer is - go talk to your vet.

Just like the human flu vaccine there are various arguments to be made both for and against vaccination and the internet is full of them - all of them have inherrant risks, all of which vary depending on the age and health of your dog, your vet has spent many years studying to gain the knowledge he has - use him.

If your dog is not vaccinated against kennel cough we will take them (at the owners risk) we will not however take them if the dog has been vaccinated with the last 28 days, as the vaccine is a live vaccine and so your dog presents a risk for other dogs in our care.




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