Terms and Conditions


GKC Kennels Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Farcroft) will be pleased to accept animals for boarding on the following basis:

All dogs must be inoculated and have the necessary annual booster injections against hard pad, distemper, leptospirosis, hepatitis parainfluenza and parvovirus all must have been administered within the last 12 months and no later than 14 days prior to arrival. We require all dogs to have been treated for fleas and worms before boarding. Kennel Cough Vaccination is not a requirement at Farcroft and so is therefore optional; however, if given it must have be done a minimum of 28 days prior to boarding with us. Any dog boarding without kennel cough vaccination is boarded at the owners own risk with regard to contracting kennel cough.
All cats must be inoculated and have the necessary annual booster injections against feline enteritis, leukaemia, chlamydia and cat flu –all must have been administered within the last 12 months and no later than 14 days prior to arrival. We require all cats to have been treated for fleas and worms before boarding.
A valid and up-to-date certificate from the vet must be produced upon arrival. If a valid vaccination document is not produced then we reserve the right add an administration charge of £10 to your bill to seek clarification of your pets status from your vet. The owner accepts that while boarding any information relevant to the boarded pet and subject to the Data Protection Act may be released to an agent of Farcroft if requested. If a valid vaccination card is not presented and your vet is unable or unwilling to confirm your pets vaccination status or if the kennel cough vaccination has been given less than 28 days prior to arrival then we will be unable to accept your pet for boarding and you will forfeit any deposits paid.

In the event of injury to or illness of a cat or dog while boarding, Farcroft will instruct your designated veterinary surgeon if feasible, or use the services of our own appointed vet. Costs thereof will be met by our Insurance Scheme under their Terms and Conditions to a maximum of £2000. Vets fees incurred because of any condition, illness, injury or disability that existed prior to boarding will remain the responsibility of the owner(s).  Farcroft will follow and rely on the professional opinion of the veterinary surgeon as being in the best interest of the animal. We will have no responsibility beyond the above if your animal suffers injury because of an accident and for a reason which is not our fault our insurance scheme does not cover the cost of treatment.

The animal's owner accepts and agrees that whilst every care and attention is given to the animal(s), they are accepted by Farcroft at the owner’s risk. Also, belongings (such as, but not limited to toys, blankets, beds, leads, collars, feeding bottles, bowls, carriers and cages) are also left at the owner's risk.

When a booking is made, a fixed date on which the owner will collect the animal will be agreed. If the owner wishes to collect the animal before that date, they may do so but will remain liable to pay boarding fees up to the agreed collection date.

All rates are daily. Boarding fees will be charged at prevailing rate at time of departure. Any part of the day counts as a whole day.

Owners must settle their accounts in full before the animal is removed.

We will from time to time take photographs of the animals in our care for publication on our website and social media, if you do not wish your pet to be photographed please let a member of staff know when you book in.

No booking shall be fully accepted until the requested deposit (minimum £20 per pet per week or part thereof) has been received by Farcroft. Deposits are non-refundable. If no deposit is received at least one month before booking date, then the booking is liable to be cancelled by Farcroft. 

If a booking is cancelled by the client, deposits will be transferred to a subsequent booking if written cancellation is received 28 days before the intended arrival date. Any less than 28 day the deposit will be forfeit.

If any animal is left for seven days beyond the booked departure date without contact from the owner or a representative the animal will be deemed abandoned. We will then follow the procedure to rehome or relocate the animal to a rescue centre. All boarding fees and other costs up until the time the animal is rehoused will remain the responsibility of the owner.


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