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Terms and Conditions

GKC Kennels Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Farcroft) will be pleased to accept animals for boarding on the following basis:

All dogs must be inoculated and have the necessary annual booster injections against hard pad, distemper, leptospirosis, hepatitis, parainfluenza, and parvo virus–all must have been administered within the last 12 months and no later than 14 days prior to arrival. We require all dogs to have been treated for fleas and worms before boarding. Kennel Cough Vaccination is not a requirement at Farcroft and so is therefore optional, however if given it must have been done a minimum of 28 days prior to boarding with us. Any dog boarding without kennel cough vaccination is boarded at the owner’s own risk with regard to contracting kennel cough.
All cats must be inoculated and have the necessary annual booster injections against feline enteritis, leukaemia, chlamydia and cat flu – all must have been administered within the last 12 months and no later than 14 days prior to arrival. We require all cats to have been treated for fleas and worms before boarding.
A valid and up-to-date certificate from the vet must be produced upon arrival. If a valid vaccination document is not produced, then we reserve the right add an administration charge of £30 to your bill to seek clarification of your pet’s status from your vet. The owner accepts that while boarding any information relevant to the boarded pet and subject to the Data Protection Act may be released to an agent of Farcroft if requested.  If a valid vaccination card is not presented and your vet is unable or unwilling to confirm your pet’s vaccination status, then we will be unable to accept your pet for boarding and you will forfeit any deposits paid.

In the event of injury to or illness of a cat or dog, Farcroft will instruct your designated veterinary surgeon if feasible, or use the services of our own appointed vet. Costs thereof will be met by our Insurance Scheme under their Terms and Conditions to a maximum of £2000. Vets’ fees incurred because of any condition, illness, injury, or disability that exists prior to boarding will not be covered under Farcrofts insurance, therefore costs will be the responsibility of the owner(s). The professional opinion of the veterinary surgeon will be deemed as being in the best interest of the animal. We will have no responsibility beyond the above if your animal suffers injury because of an accident and for a reason which is not our fault our insurance scheme does not cover the cost of treatment. Any animal which is unneutered or unspayed is boarded at the owner’s own risk, Farcroft accept no responsibility or liability for accidental mating’s or injuries resulting from mating’s and /or attempted mating’s.

The animal's owner accepts and agrees that whilst every care and attention is given to the animal(s), they are accepted by Farcroft at the owner’s risk. Also, belongings (such as toys, blankets, beds, leads, collars, feeding bottles, bowls, carriers and cages) are also left at the owner's risk.

When a booking is made, a fixed date on which the owner will collect the animal will be agreed. If the owner wishes to collect the animal before that date, they may do so but will remain liable to pay boarding fees up to the agreed collection date.

All rates are daily. Boarding fees will be charged at prevailing rate at time of departure. Any part of the day counts as a whole day.

Owners must settle their accounts in full before the animal is removed.

We will from time to time take photographs of the animals in our care for publication on our website and social media, if you do not wish your pet to be photographed, please let a member of staff know when you book in.

No booking shall be fully accepted until a minimum £20 per animal per week deposit has been received by Farcroft. Deposits are non-refundable. If no deposit is received at least one month before booking date, then the book is liable to be cancelled. If you have cancelled previous bookings, you may be asked for a larger percentage or payment in full as deposit. 

If a booking is cancelled or altered, deposits will only be transferred if written cancellation or alteration is received 28 days before the intended arrival date. Any less than 28 days the deposit will be forfeit. 

If any animal is left for seven days beyond the booked departure date without contact from the owner or a representative the animal will be deemed abandoned. We will then follow the procedure to rehome or relocate the animal to a rescue centre. All boarding fees and other costs up until the time the animal is rehoused will remain the responsibility of the owner.

I confirm that I have received, read, and understood this agreement and agree to the terms set out therein.

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Geoff & Karen Owners

Geoff & Karen have owned Farcroft since July 2012. We currently own 5 dogs of our own, a RottweilerXmastiff, A RottweilerXGerman Shephard, a Boerboel, a Mastiff cross & a Patterdale,  in the past we owned 3 cats and we also have 3 children. 

We took over Farcroft with one thing in mind, how we would like our own pets cared for. We will do our very best to adapt to suit our guests needs and continue to improve the facilities to make it more of a home from home and stress free experiance. We are very proud of what we have managed to change over the past 10 years (those who have been using Farcroft prior to 2012 can see the amount of work we have done) with work & more plans still on going.

The main difference from other kennels is there are many qualified full time and part time staff here to help clean, walk and play with the pets in our care. Most of the staff have started here as an apprentice then have been offered a full time job once qualified.  All dogs are walked twice per day around our 4 1/2 acres of fields which includes a small woodlands, there is also an all weather menage for off lead play and 2 gardens. We also offer an off site 1 hour extra walk at an additional cost with a member of staff so that the dogs know the person who is walking them. The cats are also given a chance to come out of their pens twice a day and all the catteries have pet rescue plug in's to help keep them calm with all pens equipped with cat scratchers and toys for enrichment.

Over the past 10 years we have built up a good relationship with the local vets in the area with some even using us to care for their own pets.

Farcroft has 28 kennels and 25 cat pens (8 brand new pens which were built to a very high standard in March 2017) Farcroft is licensed by Maldon Council who carry out annual inspections. We are also members of ALIKC where we attend annual kennel & cattery conferences. In 2019 & 2022 we achieved 5 star rating from Maldon Council for our kennels & catteries which is the highest rating you can achieve, which we are both very proud off.

Geoff (Owner)

Geoff is left a career in recruitment in London to purchase Farcroft, he holds his Level 3 in Canine Hydrotherapy, a Pet First Aid certificate and has completed a course in Canine Emotion and Cognition. He has just started a Learning, Motivation and Reinforement, understanding and working with canine behaviour which is a level 3 ofqual accredited qualification. He spends most of his time in the background at Farcroft making sure things run smoothly

Karen (Owner)

Karen left her career in nursing to run Farcroft.She has 3 children and 4 dogs so is kept very busy. She works full time with the cats and dogs along side Kerri & Natalie and does most of the bookings. Karen is also a qualified pet first aider. Karen holds a Level 3 Ofqual Accredited Dipolma in Professional Dog Day Care & Boarding and also a Level 3 Ofqual Accredited Diploma  in Feline, Behaviour,  Care & Welfare.

Kerri ( Senior Manager)

Kerri has joined the management team in February 2020 after sadly Sarah's resignation due to ill health from Farcroft after a massive 13 years here. She then took over as senior manager in April 2022.

Kerri brings with her a wealth of experience in the pet world. Her first ever job was as a kennel assistant at a local kennels but she is probably better known to many of you through her work until recently as the head trainer at Burnham and District Dog Training. Kerri also holds a pet first aid and has many pet qualifactions which also include dog training and behavioural. 

Kerri also runs the dog training classes here on a Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

Farcroft are very pleased to have her join our team and are sure she will be a very big asset. 


Natalie (Manager)

Natalie has just joined Farcroft March 2022 as part of the managerment team. Natalie has lots of experiance working with rescue dogs at a rescue centre and also has experiance working with small animals. She holds a level 3 ofqual accredited Diploma from Writtle College in Animal care. You will see Natalie over the coming months learning the diffrent job roles here and we are very pleased to have her join our team 

Trudy (Kennel Assistant)

Trudy is Geoff & Karen's daughter, She owns her own dog Roxy.  Trudy has been working at the kennels since July 2018 where she did weekend and school holiday cover. She has now started her Level 3 in Animal Welfare. She also helps Karen with the night checks and is learning the different roles quickly and has become a asset to the team. Trudy is also a pet first aider.

Abigail (Kennel Assistant)

Abigail joined the Farcroft team in Aug 2021. She has a level 3 Diploma in Animal Care from Writtle College. She has a passion for cats and owns Daisy. She spends most of her time here at Farcroft with our feline guests making sure they are happy and well cared for during their stay with us. She is also a pet first aid in cats and dogs.

Alex (Apprentice)

Alex started here in May 2021 as a weekend member of staff. He enjoyed working with the dogs so much he decided to start his level 2 apprenticeship with us in November 2021. He owns 2 dogs, one being a difficult rescue who took a shine to Alex while boarding here. He works mainly with the dogs and has lots of experiance with rescues.

Cerys (Kennel Assistant)

Cerys has joined our team April 2022. She might be known to some of our customers as she has been doing work experiance with a local dog walker for her college course. She is studying her level 3 Animal Managerment at Writtle college and is in her 2nd year. She will be seen at Farcroft on the weekends and school holidays and we are pleased she has joined our team.

Zoe ( Kennel Assistant)

Zoe joined Farcroft in August 2022. She is currently studying her level 3 in animal managerment at Writtle college and works part time with exotic pets. She has become a natural with our guests and will be seen at Farcroft on the weekends and school holidays. We are pleased to have her join our team.

Paige (Kennel Assistant)

Paige joined Farcroft in October 2022. She has a level 3 diploma in Animal care and also a level 3 in dog grooming. Over the years she has worked in various animal settings including kennels, catteries, dog grooming palour and vets, so comes with lots of knowledge and experiance. She has started working closely with our feline friends and is just completed her pet 1st aid. We are pleased to have her join our team. 

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