Meet the Team



Geoff & Karen Owners

Farcroft has been a home from home for local pets for over 20 years now and was purchased back in July 2012 by Geoff and Karen Carr.

If I'm honest when we first thought of purchasing a boarding kennels it raised a few eyebrows among family and friends and I know that our lack of experience cost us a few  customers, but the more we learn about the kennels industry the happier we are that we came into the business with no preconceptions and as animal lovers first and foremost.

We approached the business with a simple attitude - how would we like our girls looked after - 2 walks a day, clean beds, their usual food etc. And its paying off - the kennels have never been busier and word of mouth is bringing us new customers constantly.


Geoff is the general handyman and dogsbody at Farcroft. He passed his Canine Hydrotherapy in May 2013 and runs the hydrotherapy at Farcroft. He also offers pet taxi to and from the kennels and also offers off site walks at an hour a time for boarders. Geoff also holds a pet first aid qualification.


Karen left her career in nursing to run Farcroft.She has 3 children and 4 dogs so is kept very busy. She works full time with the cats and dogs along side Sarah and does most of the bookings. Karen is also pet first aided.


Sarah is the manager at Farcroft who has been at here for over 9 years now and there are few things that she can't deal with (except spiders!) whether its a nervous dog that needs help to settle or an elderly cat that needs things making a little easier to get around the pen - Sarah has dealt with them all. Sarah is also pet first aided.

She is best summed up by one of our regular customers ( a retired dog warden herself) as, "an absolute treasure who really cares about the animals."


Megan did a weeks work experience with us and was a natural with the animals. She Joined our team in July 2014 and was working Sunday's and holiday's. In Feb 2015 she become our second apprentice  studying her Level 2 & 3 Diploma in Animal Care. In April 2016 she passed her Level 2. She also attended a pet first aid course in Nov 2015. Megan has recently been promoted to weekend manager, meaning she is in charge of the other staff in the absence of Sarah & Karen and will be working more in reception. Farcroft is very pleased to have her on our team.


Bethany was Farcroft's third apprentice starting here Jan 2016. In March 2017 she completed and past her  level 2 Diploma in Animal Care. She was offered a part time position in the kennels where she works 3 days and the other 2 days she has moved over to Hydrotherapy and has just begun her training. We are very pleased to have her on our team.


Bradley is Farcroft's fourth apprentice starting here Nov 2016. He will be here for just over a year studying his level 2 Diploma in Animal Care and hopes to use this as a stepping stone to become a dog trainer. He is a natural around the dogs and is very good with the cats, Farcroft are very pleased to have him on our team.


Farcroft are pleased to welcome Charlotte to the team starting Jan 2015. Charlotte works the weekends and school holidays mainly with our cat guests in the catteries. Charlotte owns 2 dogs and has just received a 2.1 Hons Degree in Animal Management at Writtle College. She is currently doing her masters at Cambridge University.


Farcroft would like to welcome Katie to the team. Katie is in her 2nd year at Writtle College doing a degree in Veterinary Physiotherapy. She started here in July 2017 and will maining be working Sunday's replacing Jessica and holidays. 

Amy (currently on maternity leave)

Amy first started working at Farcroft part time back in March 2014. She left in January 2015 to go to a full time job. As Gemma has left to go into vet nursing Amy has returned to Farcroft as of June 2016 to take that full time position. Amy is already trained in working with the cats and dogs. We plan to send her on a Pet first aid course in the near future. Amy owns a Labrador and 2 horses. Farcroft are pleased to see her return to our team.


James is Geoff & Karen's son. He has just gone to university in Sept 2014 to study Psychology. He works at Farcroft as a dog walker during the school holidays.


Tracey is the owner of Just Paw-fect dog grooming which is based at Farcroft. More details about Tracey and how to book can be found here: